Tetrakis(triisopropyl phosphite)nickel(0)


[36700-07-9]  · C36H84NiO12P4  · Tetrakis(triisopropyl phosphite)nickel(0)  · (MW 891.77)

(catalyst for hydrazone1 and alkyne allylation,2 allyl ester rearrangements,3 alkene cyclodimerization,4 and amination5)

Physical Data: mp 187 °C.

Preparative Methods: most conveniently synthesized by the reaction of Bis(1,5-cyclooctadiene)nickel(0) with Triisopropyl Phosphite.6

Handling, Storage, and Precautions: is a cancer suspect agent; air sensitive; should be handled using Schlenk or glove box techniques. Use in a fume hood.

Catalytic Allylation.

[(i-PrO)3P]4Ni efficiently catalyzes the allylation of alkynes and phenylhydrazones with allyl esters. The reaction of phenylhydrazones with allyl acetate using 5 mol % [(i-PrO)3P]4Ni produces azo compounds (eq 1).1 [(i-PrO)3P]4Ni was superior to Ni0 complexes of other alkyl and aryl phosphites.

Alkynes react with allyl but-3-enoate in the presence of 2 mol % [(i-PrO)3P]4Ni at room temperature to form nonconjugated eneynes in high yield (eq 2).2 [(i-PrO)3P]4Ni was determined to be the optimum catalyst for this transformation.

Allyl Ester Rearrangement.

In the absence of alkynes, allyl but-3-enoate is rearranged by [(i-PrO)3P]4Ni to a mixture of isomeric heptadienoic acids (eq 3).3 A 2:1 ratio of isomeric carboxylic acids was formed with [(i-PrO)3P]4Ni. For comparison, Tetrakis(triethyl phosphite)nickel(0) gave a 0.8:1 mixture.

Cyclodimerization Reactions.

Dihydroindoles can be prepared by the dimerization of dipropargylamines with alkynes using catalytic amounts of [(i-PrO)3P]4Ni (eq 4).4 Norbornadiene derivatives can be cyclodimerized with allyl acetate in the presence of [(i-PrO)3P]4Ni to give tricyclononane products (eq 5).7

Amination Reactions.

Addition of amines to vinylcyclopropanes is catalyzed by [(i-PrO)3P]4Ni to give acyclic allylic amines (eq 6).5 This reaction is also catalyzed by Tetrakis(triphenylphosphine)palladium(0) in comparable yield. The reaction of amines with vinyl lactones gave allylamino carboxylic acids.

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Gregory T. Whiteker

Union Carbide Corporation, South Charleston, WV, USA

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