Sodium Phenanthrenide

[96229-74-2]  · C14H10Na  · Sodium Phenanthrenide  · (MW 201.23)

(dehalogenation of vicinal dichlorides1)

Solubility: sol THF

Preparative Method: prepared by adding 1.0 equiv of Sodium to a solution of 1.1 equiv of phenanthrene in dry THF. The resulting dark-green solution is stirred for 18 h at rt.1

Handling, Storage, and Precautions: should be used as prepared, under anhydrous conditions; the dry solid and solutions are flammable.

Dehalogenation Agent.

Sodium phenanthrenide is a useful reagent for the dehalogenation of vicinal dichlorides, resulting in the formation of alkenes. An isomeric mixture of cis- and trans-exo,exo-3,4-dichlorotetracyclo[,5.07,10]dodeca-8,11-diene is easily converted to exo,exo-tetracyclo[,5.07,10]dodecatriene in the presence of sodium phenanthrenide in THF (eq 1).1

In addition to sodium phenanthrenide, disodium phenanthrenide,2 zinc metal,3 chromium dichloride,4 titanium trichloride/lithium aluminum hydride,5 sodium sulfide nonahydrate,6 and activated nickel complexes7 have also been employed in dehalogenations of 1,2-dihalides.

Related Reagents.

Chromium(II) Chloride; Disodium Phenanthrenide; Lithium 4,4-Di-t-butylbiphenylide; Lithium Naphthalenide; Potassium Naphthalenide; Sodium Anthracenide; Sodium Naphthalenide; Sodium Sulfide; Titanium(III) Chloride-Lithium Aluminum Hydride; Zinc.

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