(R)-(+)-Phenyl (p-Toluenesulfinyl)acetate

[75340-59-9]  · C15H14O3S  · (R)-(+)-Phenyl (p-Toluenesulfinyl)acetate  · (MW 274.36)

(asymmetric aldol-type condensations1)

Physical Data: [a]D +87° (CHCl3, c 0.95).

Preparative Methods: conveniently prepared by deprotonation of (R)-(+)-p-tolyl methyl sulfoxide and treatment of the resulting sulfinyl carbanion with phenyl chloroformate (eq 1).1

Asymmetric oxidation of phenyl (p-toluenesulfinyl)acetate with bovine serum albumin (BSA) gave a poor ee (eq 2).2

General Discussion.

Aldol-type condensation of the magnesium enolate of (R)-(+)-phenyl (p-toluenesulfinyl)acetate, prepared with t-butylmagnesium bromide, with the aldehyde precursor of maytansine afforded, after desulfurization with Aluminum Amalgam, the desired 4,5-unsaturated 3-(S)-hydroxy ester in high yield and high diastereoselectivity (eq 3).1

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Guy Solladié & Françoise Colobert

University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France

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