[3156-70-5]  · C3H5NO2  · 1-Nitro-1-propene  · (MW 87.09)

(Michael addition of various nucleophiles such as organolithium reagents,5,6 enamines,13,15,19 allylstannane,9 and alkyl radicals22)

Physical Data: bp 58 °C/35 mmHg, 54 °C/28mmHg.

Solubility: sol THF, Et2O, acetone, CH2Cl2, toluene.

Analysis of Reagent Purity: IR: 1655, 1520 cm-1; NMR: d 1.95 (d, 3H, J = 6Hz), 6.83-7.55 (m, 2H).

Preparative Methods: dehydration of 1-nitro-2-propanol with Methanesulfonyl Chloride and Triethylamine (30% yield),2 Acetic Anhydride-AcONa (85% yield),3 or phthalic anhydride (55% yield).4

Handling, Storage, and Precautions: see 2-Nitro-1-propene.

Michael Acceptor.

1-Nitropropene is a useful reagent as a Michael acceptor for the addition of various nucleophiles (eq 1) including amines,1 alcohols,1 thiols,1 organolithium reagents (eqs 2 and 35,6), Grignard reagents,7 enamines,8 allylstannanes (eq 4),9 and lithium trialkylalkynylborates.10 Other organometallic reagents such as organoaluminum compounds11 and zinc-copper reagents RCu(CN)ZnI12 are also good candidates as nucleophiles.

Formaldehyde dimethylhydrazone readily adds to 1-nitropropene in the absence of base, giving the b-nitrodimethylhydrazone, which is converted into the b-nitroaldehyde by ozonolysis (eq 5).13

The Michael addition of 1,3-diketone dianions or 2-aminoenones to 1-nitropropene and subsequent aldol reaction (eqs 6, 7 and 814,15,16) provides a useful strategy for organic synthesis. In addition 1-nitropropene is an efficient reagent for bicycloannulation, as illustrated in eq 7.17

Allyl alcohols are prepared by the reaction of 1-nitropropene with thiols and aldehydes followed by reductive elimination of b-nitro sulfides with Tri-n-butylstannane (eq 9).16

As the addition of enolates18 or enamines19 to 1-nitropropene proceeds in a stereoselective way, asymmetric Michael addition is possible using chiral enolates (eq 10)20 or the titanated bislactim ether of cyclo(L-Val-Gly) (eq 11).21

1-Nitropropene reacts with alkyl radicals derived from O-acyl 2-thiopyridylhydroxamate to from new carbon-carbon bonds (eq 12).22

Diels-Alder Reaction.

1-Nitropropene is a very reactive dienophile in the Diels-Alder reaction, and the regiochemistry is controlled by the nitro group (eq 13).23

Related Reagents.

Nitroethylene; 2-Nitro-1-propene.

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Noboru Ono

Ehime University, Matsuyama, Japan

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