Mercury(II) Sulfate


[7783-35-9]  · HgO4S  · Mercury(II) Sulfate  · (MW 296.66)

(converts alkynes and vinyl halides into ketones;1-5,9 facilitates conversion of glucals into furan derivatives7)

Alternate Name: mercuric sulfate.

Physical Data: mp dec; d 6.470 or 7.56 g cm-3.

Solubility: insol H2O (dec into a yellow, basic sulfate); sol HCl, hot dil H2SO4, HNO3, and conc solution of NaCl.

Form Supplied in: white, odorless, monoclinic crystals, granules, or powder.

Handling, Storage, and Precautions: acute poison; exposure to all mercury compounds is to be strictly avoided. Releases toxic Hg fumes when heated to decomposition. Protect from light.

In combination with strong acids1-4 or Dowex 50,4,5 HgSO4 is often employed as a catalyst for effecting hydration of alkynes, which results in the formation of the corresponding ketones (eq 1). This strategy has been used in the synthesis of 19-norprogesterone6 and histamine.3b

D-Glucal has been found to produce (2R)-(1,2-dihydroxyethyl)furan when treated with HgSO4/H2SO4 (eq 2).7 Other glycals undergo hydration or elimination.8

Similarly to other mercury(II) salts, HgSO4 effects hydrolysis of vinyl halides to ketones9 and allylic oxidation (Deigès reaction).10

Related Reagents.

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Pavel Ko&cbreve;ovský

University of Leicester, UK

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