Dicarbonyl(cyclopentadienyl)(isobutene)iron Tetrafluoroborate

[41707-16-8]  · C11H13BF4FeO2  · Dicarbonyl(cyclopentadienyl)(isobutene)iron Tetrafluoroborate  · (MW 319.87)

(exchange reagent for synthesis of Fp-alkene+ and Fp-alkyne+ complexes; Fp+ protecting group for alkenes; cycloadditions of alkenes and alkynes)

Physical Data: yellow-orange crystalline solid.

Solubility: sol CH2Cl2, THF; insol Et2O, benzene, hexane; decomposes at varying rates in DMSO, MeNO2, MeCN, acetone, and other coordinating solvents.

Analysis of Reagent Purity: 1H NMR (CD3CN): d 5.52 (Cp), 3.81 (=CH2), 1.84 (CH3). 13C NMR (CD3CN): d 209 (CO), 118 (=CMe2), 87 (Cp), 51 (=CH2), 26 (Me).2 NMR shifts are highly solvent dependent.

Preparative Method: by reaction of NaFp (Fp = CpFe(CO)2) with methallyl chloride followed by protonation of the resulting alkyl complex with HBF4 (eq 1).1

Handling, Storage, and Precautions: stable indefinitely under Ar or N2 at 0 °C.

Alkene Exchange.3

Isobutene-Fp+ BF4- is a convenient reagent for the synthesis of Fp-alkene+ complexes. Exchange reactions occur readily in 1,2-dichloroethane (65-70 °C) or CH2Cl2 (at reflux) to form p-complexes with a wide variety of alkenes,4 dienes,5 allenes,6 and alkynes,7 and to form s-complexes with heteroatomic donors (eq 2).8

Protecting Group for Alkenes.

Isobutene-FpBF4 has also been used successfully to protect alkenes from hydrogenation3 and halogenation (eq 3).9

Activation of Alkynes and Allenes; Ring Formation.10

Reaction of isobutene-FpBF4 with homopropargylic alcohols or hydroxyallenes gives substituted dihydrofurans, as their Fp complexes (eq 4).

Isobutene-FpBF4 has also been reported to catalyze the cycloaddition of alkynic esters to alkenes to give cyclobutenes and lactones (eq 5).11 The complex Fp-THF+ BF4- has been used in a similar fashion.12

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Mark M. Turnbull

Clark University, Worcester, MA, USA

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