4-Chlorophenyl Chlorothionoformate

[937-64-4]  · C7H4Cl2OS  · 4-Chlorophenyl Chlorothionoformate  · (MW 207.08)  · C7H5BrN2  · 3-Bromo-3-phenyldiazirine  · C7H5ClN2  · 3-Chloro-3-phenyldiazirine

(dehydrating agent;1 has been used in radical deoxygenation;2 serves as a building block in the synthesis of penems3 and heterocycles;4 used for introduction of the thiocarbonyl group5)

Alternate Name: O-(4-chlorophenyl) carbonochloridothioate.

Physical Data: bp 82 °C/0.8 mmHg;6 114-116 °C/0.8 mmHg.7

Form Supplied in: distillable liquid; commercially available.

Preparative Method: from thiophosgene and p-chlorophenol in the presence of sodium hydroxide.2,6

Handling, Storage, and Precautions: protect from moisture.

Use as Dehydrating Agent.

The reagent converts oximes to nitriles under mild conditions (rt, 1.5 h) (eq 1).1

Use in the Chugaev Reaction.

The closely related reagent, p-tolyl chlorothionoformate, has been used for Chugaev eliminations (eq 2);8 presumably, p-chlorophenyl chlorothionoformate could serve the same function.

Use in Radical Deoxygenation.

The reagent has been used in radical deoxygenation (eq 3).2

Use as a Building Block.

The reagent has been incorporated into the structure of a thiopenem antibiotic (eq 4).3

The reagent is also useful for introducing the thiocarbonyl function, since the chlorine atom and chlorophenol residues can be replaced successively by nucleophiles (eq 5).4,5

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Maarten H. D. Postema & Derrick L. J. Clive

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada

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