Cadmium Carbonate


[513-78-0]  · CCdO3  · Cadmium Carbonate  · (MW 172.42)

(used in the preparation of aryl glycosides1-8 and also for cleavage of thioacetals9)

Physical Data: mp 357 °C; d 4.258 g cm-3.

Solubility: sol concentrated ammonia and dilute acids.

Form Supplied in: white powder and chunks.

Handling, Storage, and Precautions: should be stored in a cool dry place. It is a carcinogen and hence should be handled carefully.

Synthesis of Glycosides.

CdCO3 has been used as a catalyst in the Koenigs-Knorr synthesis of aryl glycosides.1-3 Better yields are reported with CdCO3 than with the usual catalyst, silver carbonate. For example, the 3-b-D-glucuronide triacetate methyl ester of estrone was prepared in 71% yield (eq 1), compared to 7% yield using silver carbonate.1 Similar preparations of the b-D-glucuronides of 17b-estradiol,1 estriol,1,4 equilin,1 equilenin,1 phenolphthalein,5 cholesterol,6 and anthracyclines7 are documented in the literature.

This methodology has also been used to prepare 2-aminoethyl glycosides (eq 2) for the preparation of carbohydrate-protein conjugates.8

Cleavage of Thioacetals.

Thioacetals of aldosugars are cleaved by CdCO3 in the presence of HgCl2 (see Mercury(II) Chloride-Cadmium Carbonate). This method has been used to prepare acyclic derivatives of monosaccharides (eq 3).9

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Prabu Prabhakaran

Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

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