t-Butyl Trimethylsilylacetate

[41108-81-0]  · C9H20O2Si  · t-Butyl Trimethylsilylacetate  · (MW 188.34)

(used to prepare lithium enolates which can be alkylated;1,2 can be alkenated with aldehydes and ketones;3 can be acylated;4 can be reacted with Group 14 halides5)

Physical Data: air stable, colorless liquid; bp 67 °C/13 mmHg; n20D 1.4184; 1H NMR (CDCl3, 90 MHz) 0.13 (s, 9H), 1.45 (s, 9H), 1.80 (s, 2H); IR 1710 cm-1.

Preparative Methods: an advantage of t-butyl trimethylsilylacetate over its methyl and ethyl ester analogs is that it can be prepared by C-silylation of the lithium enolate of t-butyl acetate at -78 °C in THF (85-90% yield). Under the same conditions the enolates of methyl and ethyl acetate give primarily O-silylated products.3 The reagent has also been prepared by a rapid Boron Trifluoride Etherate catalyzed reaction of Trimethylsilylketene with t-butyl alcohol.6

Lithium Enolate.

Most applications require initial formation of the enolate (1) (eq 1), which is obtained as a white solid suspended in THF, stable indefinitely at -78 °C.1

Alkylation Reactions.

Enolate (1) is readily alkylated with a variety of primary alkyl halides at -70 to 0 °C in THF,2,7 usually in the presence of TMEDA or DMSO. The alkylation products may be desilylated (eq 2) to provide a two-carbon chain extension which is not prone to dialkylation or elimination side reactions.7a

The reagent is spiroalkylated in two steps with 2-methyl-1,4-diiodobutane (eq 3).7b

Enolate (1) can be vinylated with 2-bromopropene in the presence of a Ni catalyst.7c

Peterson Alkenation.8

Enolate (1) reacts with aldehydes or ketones to give a,b-unsaturated esters (eq 4).1,8 In some cases (1) gives better yields and different E:Z ratios from the analogous Horner-Emmons reactions with phosphonoacetates.9

Reaction with Acyl Derivatives.

Enolate (1) does not react with ethyl acetate or N,N-dimethylacetamide, and gives a complicated mixture of products with acetyl chloride. However, (1) is acetylated with acetylimidazole to give the lithium enolate of t-butyl acetoacetate (eq 5).4a

Protonation of the reaction mixtures obtained with a variety of acylimidazoles gives b-keto esters in 50-94% yields. Enolate (1) reacts with a variety of lactones to give Peterson alkenation products (eq 6).4b

Enolate (1) reacts with some aromatic nitriles (but not with benzonitrile) to give N-silylenamines.10

Reaction with Group 14 Halides.

Enolate (1) reacts with Chlorotrimethylgermane or Tri-n-butylchlorostannane to give t-butyl (trimethylgermyl)(trimethylsilyl)acetate (83% yield)5a and t-butyl (trimethylsilyl)(tri-n-butylstannyl)acetate,5b respectively.

Related Reagents.

t-Butyl a-Lithiobis(trimethylsilyl)acetate; Ethyl Lithioacetate; Ethyl Lithio(trimethylsilyl)acetate; Ethyl Trimethylsilylacetate; Triethyl Phosphonoacetate; Trimethylsilylacetic Acid.

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