(R = n-Pr)

[100031-33-2]  · C20H24CoN2O2  · Bis(N-propylsalicylideneaminato)cobalt(II)  · (MW 383.35) (R = i-Pr)


(catalyst for the conversion of arylglyoxals to a-aryl-a-hydroxyacetic esters1)

Physical Data: mp 226-234 °C (R = i-Pr).2

Solubility: sol CHCl3, benzene, and dioxane; slightly sol ethanol and cyclohexane; insol petroleum ether.

Form Supplied in: red crystals.

Preparative Methods: a solution of bis(salicylaldehyde)cobalt(II) dihydrate and a slight excess of propylamine in methanol is heated at reflux in the presence of a trace amount of formaldehyde for 10 to 40 min.3 As the mixture is cooled, red crystals separate out. The crystals are filtered quickly and dried in vacuo.

Purification: recrystallization from i-PrOH/CHCl3 (i-Pr).4

Handling, Storage, and Precautions: unlike the N-i-propylsalicylidene CoII complex, the N-n-propylsalicylidene CoII complex is readily oxidized by oxygen in the atmosphere.3 It is thus necessary to carry out the above procedure in an oxygen-free atmosphere.

a-Phenyl-a-hydroxyacetic Ester.

Bis(N-n-propylsalicylideneaminato)cobalt(II) catalyzes the highly selective transformation of phenylglyoxal to a-phenyl-a-hydroxyacetic ester (eq 1).1 After a solution of phenylglyoxal (1) (1.0 mmol) and N-n-propylsalicylidene CoII complex (2a) (0.2 mmol) in a mixture of i-PrOH (40 mL) and 1,2-dichloroethane (20 mL) was heated at 60 °C for 8 h under oxygen atmosphere, the metal complex was separated, and the solvent was evaporated to afford a 97:3 mixture of i-propyl mandelate (3) and i-propylphenyl glyoxylate (4) in 93% yield. N-i-Propylsalicylidene CoII complex (2b) also catalyzes this transformation; however, a lower yield (31%) of i-propyl mandelate (3) was obtained. The hydroxocobalt(III) complex, CoIII(OH),5 which is generated from irreversible oxidation of the CoII complex in alcoholic solvents, is believed to be the reactive catalytic species.

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Sangho Koo

Myong Ji University, Kyung Ki Do, Korea

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